Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to Choose a Sony Digital SLR

Sony may not be the obvious choice for many people when deciding which digital SLR to choose but they have developed some fantastic models in 2009. Sony of course have many fans for their televisions and other electrical equipment and for many beginners they will look to Sony digital SLRs as they love the brand and quality.

Some would argue the range and quality of Sony lenses may not put them up as an obvious choice for a DSLR against the likes of Nikon and Olympus. The features of the Sony Alpha cameras and the leading edge technology can make up for this.

The Sony Alpha DSLR A380 boasts a very impressive 14.2 megapixels. It's imilar to Sony's A330 with its features including for example an ISO range of 100 to 3200 with low noise. Other features fo the Sony DSLR-A380 iclude Quick AF Live View and the camera is very light, stylish and easy to carry.

For the more serious photographer the Sony Alpha A850 has to be worth serious consideration. The beauty of this camera is all about the sensor. It's full frame meaning no crop factor and offers an incredible 24.6 megapixels! Of course these features come at a price and it's by no means a budget DSLR option. But imagine the quality of poster sized blow ups this can produce! A high-resolution CMOS sensor gives detail packed pictures with excellent contrast and gorgeous colours. The Sony A850 has Exmor technology which cuts noise while signals are converted to digital form. The results are simply beautiful images.

When choosing a Sony DSLR the A850 has to be top of your list if your budget allows. The incredible quality means the images would be perfect to submit to micro stock libraries for anyone wiching to make money with their camera. In fact the A850 could very easily pay for itself with a little effort!

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