Friday, November 27, 2009

How to Choose a Digital SLR for Wedding Photography

Before you consider how to choose a digital SLR for wedding photography consider carefully whether the job is right for you! If some friends or relatives know you are a keen photogapher you may get asked to photograph their wedding but this is an art in itself and comes with great pressures.

You may well be a fantastic portrait photographer but wedding photography is all about preparation, knowing the order of the day and crucially organising people and taking responsibility. I know many people want to avoid the high cost of hiring a full time professional and if you are the (cheap!) alternative and everyone is clear on what to expect that's fine.

So what camera do you choose for wedding photography? If it's an informal small wedding and your couple want a simple record of the day and photographs up to say 10x8 size a good qality digital SLR will do the job fine. For a bigger wedding or where the couple want enlargements to display you are in the realms of high end professional DSLRs.

THe key elements of this type of photography which will drive the best camera to choose for wedding photography are quality and reliability. Although I normally favour Pentax DSLR's for a professional wedding camera I sway to Nikon and Canon.

Nikon's D700 is a superb camera for wedding photography. With 12 megapixels, 51 auto focus points and high ISO options it will really deliver. Of course the range and quality of Nikon lenses is superb and they will deliver razor sharp images to wow your bride and groom. Nikon's D300 and D90 are other very strong contendors here.

The high end Canon EOS cameras are another favourite for wedding photographers. The EOS 7D certainly matches up to the Nikon D700 and again the range and quality of Canon lenses is superb. The EF-S 18-135 IS USM delivers superb contrast, crisp images and is incredibly flexible for framing shots

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