Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Choose a Lens for your Digital SLR Camera

Once you've tackled the question of how to choose the right digital SLR camera one of your next considerations will be about the lens or lenses you will need. Most digital SLRs will come complete with a 18-55mm zoom and personally I feel this covers the vast majority of your digital photography needs. In old 35mm camera terms this lens is equivalent to a 35mm to 70mm.

The standard digital SLR zoom is perfect for general photography and I would also say for portraits and landscapes. At the 18mm focal length this is ideal for capturing sweeping landscapes and scenery. Zooming to the other end the lens is ideal for flattering portraits and also allows us to 'blur' the background for more professional portraits. Use the wide angle carefully for portraits! If you are too close to your subject their nose will be exagerated and prominent and they will look like a digital caricature!

The next standard digital SLR lens is the 55mm-300mm. This is an excellent long range zoom and perfect for action and nature photography. A lens with a wide aperature is important to ensure it can cope in low light situations.

My advice when you consider how to choose a lens for for your digital SLR camera is quality not quantity. Don't be fooled by the guys you see walking around with gadget bags stuffed with lenses and a huge zoom swinging from their neck. It's the size that matters it's what you do with it! I would rather have a crytsal sharp single lens like my beloved Pentax 18-55mm then a bag full of telephoto lenses.

Should you need a lens for something more specific, say you are attending a sporting event, you should consider rent or hire of a lens. Don't buy lenses you will rare use and have them gathering dust! If you rent or hire a digital SLR lens you can get the feel of it and decide how often you will actually use it.

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