Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best Digital SLR for Beginners

How to choose a digital SLR camera for beginners can be a seemingly very difficult question due to the vast choice available. There are some fantastic cameras in this range and you will be able to get a high quality digital SLR for under £500. Although I typically favour Pentax cameras it's hard to ignore the Nikon D3000 when choosing a DSLR for a beginner.

The Nikon D3000 replaces the earlier entry level Nikon D60. The design is similar and it's based around the same 10.2MP DX format CCD sensor but Nikon have raised the spec of the D3000 to equal that of many higher end digital SLRs. An example is Nikon's market leading EXPEED image processing technology which opens up new creative channels and options. There is also a very innovative onboard auto sensor cleaning system to ensure no issues with dust.

What really makes the Nikon D3000 ideal as a digital SLR for a beginer is the intelligent Guide Mode. When using Guide Mode you are prompted by a menu driven system which helps you make decisions about composition etc and then adjusts settings to capture the picture you require. This really can help you make the leap from producing simple amateur like shots to those a pro would capture. I feel Guide Mode will not only ensure even the novice produces great pictures but it will help you to learn about photography along the way.

Other features of the D3000 include Scene Recognition which optimises settings according to composition and Picture Control which customises images before shooting. These all make the camera a fantastic creative tool for beginner or more advanced user alike. A 3 inch display screen and improved focussing system with 11 AF points are further features to make the Nikon D3000 my recommended DSLR for under £500.

So what are the alternatives? The Olympus E520 - aruably better in low light - has to be a contender and does the Canon EOS 450D and the Sony A3330. As always, when choosing a DSLR always go to a store and handle one first but the design and handling of the D3000 is without fault.

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  1. Hi there! I stumbled across your page through google. I'm at a crossroads to which DSLR camera I should buy for the first time. Maybe you can help cin my decision - basically I'm just a beginner but am upgrading from my sony cybershot. I like taking landscape, architechture, nature and macro shots. I'm torn between Canon 1000D, Nikon D3000 (judging from your review up there) or the Canon 450D. I want to be able to grow in experience with my camera.

    Having that in mind, what would you suggest? What would be the best DSLR camera with good photo quality and features all round? I am limited in budget.

    like your articles here, very easy to read and understand.